Who is Sir Malcolm Walker New Wife Natalie? Net Worth, Family, and Life Explored

Sir Malcolm Walker New Wife Natalie Walker

Sir Malcolm Walker is a well-known and successful businessman in the United Kingdom, known for being the founder and CEO of the popular supermarket chain Iceland Foods Ltd. Recently, it has been reported that Sir Malcolm Walker has gotten married to a woman named Natalie. Who she is? Let’s find out.

In this article, we will explore who Natalie is, as well as take a closer look at Sir Malcolm Walker’s net worth, family, and life.

Who Is Sir Malcolm Walker?

On 11 February 1946, Malcolm Conrad Walker was born in Grange Moor, West Yorkshire. He attended Mirfield Grammar School for his formal education. He credits his first wife with coming up with the name Iceland when he and Peter Hinchcliffe first co-founded Iceland Foods in 1970, when they briefly considered calling it Penguin. The business kept growing, and in 1989 it bought and absorbed Bejam, a considerably larger competitor in the Southern England frozen food market, giving it a national presence.

Malcolm and Rhianydd Walker, who were married for more than 50 years before Natalie, had a happy marriage. In January 2021, the entrepreneur’s first spouse passed away and the cause of her passing has not been made public. Growing up together, Ranny and Malcolm fell in love and got married for 50 years, and were blessed with three children.

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All of Malcolm Walker’s children are now adults with families. Richard Walker, the successful businessman’s lone surviving child, is currently Iceland Foods Ltd. managing director.

Sir Malcolm Walker’s New Wife Natalie Walker

The second and most recent spouse of a successful businessman, Sir Malcolm is Natalie Walker. The official website of Iceland Foods states that Malcolm and Natalie got married in August 2022. Lady Walker has every right to be referred to as Walker’s new wife. Not much is known about Natalie the new Lady Walker’s family history and professional history.

It’s not clear when or where the couple met, but it is known that they have been together for a while before getting married. It is also not known if the couple has any children together.

Sir Malcolm Walker Net Worth

As of 2023, Sir Malcolm Walker’s net worth was estimated to be around £300 million ($408 million) according to various sources. This primarily comes from his ownership and leadership of Iceland, which has grown to become a major retail chain in the UK with over 800 stores across the country. However, it is important to note that his net worth is subject to change and may have fluctuated.

NameSir Malcolm Walker
Net Worth (in Pound)£300 Million
Monthly Income£25 Million +
Annual Salary£100 Million +
Income SourceBusiness, Assets, Investments
Age76 Years

Assets and Investments

He owns a number of other businesses in addition to Iceland Foods, including food production businesses, restaurants, and real estate. The Flintshire-based reported that the frozen food company has 900 locations and makes £3 billion in annual sales. Additionally, profits in 2017–18 totaled £157 million.

Along with Tarsem Dhaliwal, Walker is a co-owner of the Piccolino restaurant company, and his share is worth well over £155 million. He also has three residences and other things.

Malcolm has several interests outside of work, including skiing, sailing, shooting, fine dining, entertaining, and wine tasting. A £21 million claim for a voluntary Christmas savings program that is said to have broken the minimum wage rules and could result in a £21 million fine was apparently being fought by the businessman.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who is Sir Malcolm Walker?

Sir Malcolm Walker is a British businessman and the founder and CEO of the frozen food retailer Iceland. He started the company in 1970 and has grown it into one of the largest retailers of frozen food in the UK.

Who is Sir Malcolm Walker’s new wife?

Sir Malcolm Walker recently tied the knot with a woman named Natalie.

What is the net worth of Sir Malcolm Walker?

Sir Malcolm Walker has an estimated net worth of around £300 million ($408 million).

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