Julian Sands Missing: British actor known for Warlock movie is missing from San Gabriel Mountains

Julian Sands

On 13 January 2023, actor Julian Sands went missing while hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains northeast of Los Angeles. Since then, there has been an ongoing investigation to try and locate the ‘Warlock’ actor, yet so far no leads have been found.

It is a mystery that has captivated many, but what do we know about Julian Sands and his disappearance? Let’s take a closer look. Keep reading this article to get more information about him

Who Is Julian Sands?

Julian Sands was born the third of five boys on 4 January 1958, in Otley, West Yorkshire to mother Brenda, who raised her boys alone after her divorce. He was educated at Lord Wandsworth College, Long Sutton, Hampshire. His youngest brother Quentin was selected by She magazine as “Britain’s Sexiest Man” of 1998.

Sands is best known for his roles in films such as ‘Warlock’ (1989) and ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ (2011), as well as television series such as ‘Smallville’ (2005-2007). He is also an avid mountaineer and hiker, having scaled some of England’s highest peaks including Ben Nevis in Scotland and Snowdon in Wales.

Julian Sands Net Worth?

Sands is estimated to have a net worth of around $3 million dollars due to his long successful career as an actor. Aside from appearing on numerous movies over the years he has also appeared on television shows which have contributed significantly towards increasing his wealth over time. He currently resides in Los Angeles with wife Evgenia Citkowitz whom he married back in 1998 after dating her since 1990 when they met while filming Impromptu together. 

What happened to Julian Sands?

On 13 January 2023, Sands went missing while hiking in Mount Baldy located within the San Gabriel Mountains northeast of Los Angeles. As of 19 January 2023 he has not been located and police have been investigating his whereabouts ever since. The investigation was hindered due to severe storms impacting the area shortly after Sands went missing.  However, they are still actively searching for him with local search and rescue teams scouring the area surrounding Mount Baldy on foot or via helicopters. There have been no significant updates reported since then but investigations are still ongoing.

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People’s Reactions for Julian Sands

It remains one of Hollywood’s biggest mysteries where is Julian Sands? The man who made us laugh with memorable performances such as ‘Warlock’ (1989) continues to be remembered for his talent on screen even years after he vanished without a trace from Mount Baldy in California.

As police continue their search for clues into what happened that day we can only hope that information will surface soon so that this tragedy may finally come to an end and we can bring closure to all those involved – most notably Julian himself and his family who await news regarding his whereabouts with great anticipation. Until then we can only keep hoping that one day soon he will be found safe and sound again soon!

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