The new “Alparslan: The Great Seljuks” series, which launched as a prequel to “The Great Seljuks: Guardians of Justice,” chronicles the life and victories of Sultan Alp Arslan, the second sultan of the Seljuk Empire, whose victories on several lands widened the empire in the 11th century. It was originally released in the Urdu language but is now available in English as well with subtitles.

Keep reading to learn more about the Alp Arslan TV series, including its storyline, synopsis, characters, the release date of season 2 episode 38, and much more!

Alp Arslan TV Series Storyline, Characters

Alp Arslan is a Turkish historical action drama directed by Sedat Inci. The story sets in the year 1048, Anatolia, which is now part of Turkey, was governed by the Byzantine Empire at the time. Alparslan The Turkish television series “The Great Seljuks: Guardians of Justice” features The Great Seljuks. Alparslan (Baris Arduc) is a valiant, courageous, and resolute fighter who has achieved success.

Because of his military and combat abilities, he was given the name Alp Arslan, which roughly translates to “the heroic lion” in Turkish. Alp Arslan was raised as an orphan after his mother was murdered by Byzantine soldiers 15 years ago. Since then, he has worked to overthrow the Byzantine Empire and get revenge on his mother. One of the great lords of the Seljuks is Alp Arslan (Seljuk Melik).

Original TitleAlparslan: Büyük Selçuklu
GenreHistorical, Action, Drama
Broadcast NetworkTRT 1
Broadcast Period8 November 2021 – Present
Production CompanyAkli Film
DirectorSedat Inci
Screen WriterSerdar Ozonalan; Emre Konuk
Filming LocationsRiva, Istanbul

His father Kagri Bey (Erdenk Gülner) is the head of the Merv nomad camp, but his uncle Togrul Bey (Paris Bagci) is the strong Seljuk ruler. He is quite similar to his successful warrior brother Solomon (Corel Cesarely). Alparslan begins Season 2 by performing the Hajj. They battle Arslan Yusuf, the man responsible for the deaths of Ibrahim Yinal and Erbaskan’s father.

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To the chagrin of Yinal, Sultan Tugrul orders Alp Arslan to spare Yusuf’s life. Additionally, he is required to wed Seferyi Hatun, the Yusuf family’s daughter, despite the fact that neither she nor Alp Arslan are interested—Alp Arslan because of his affection for and regard for Aybike.

Erbaskan informed Alp Arslan that Yinal was arrested for attempting to covertly sell Steel to the adversaries. Alpagut is what the new Ani Tekfur, Gregor, calls Alp Arslan’s spy in Vaspurakan. This marriage is not what Seferiye wants and the story becomes crueler as its progress.

Season 2, Episode 38 English subtitle Release Date

Earlier in November, TRT 1 announced that season 2 episode 38 is going to release on the platform. And later, on 28th November 2022, The Alp Arslan Season 2 Episode 38 was released with English subtitles in many countries, including the United States, India, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and a few more. All the episodes have been released, consisting of a content length of about 30-45 minutes each. 

You can watch the complete series by taking the app subscription which also gives you access to all the web series and movies. Additionally, you may access all the web series and movies with a single membership, and the price starts out rather low price.


Developed by Sedat Inci, the Alp Arslan web series promises to keep you hooked throughout the episodes and give you such a worth watching experience. The Alp Arslan Season 2 Episode 38 is already released on 28th November 2022. Here, one can expect to get everything from the web series such as action, drama, romance, and suspense with timely humor scenes. If you want to make your binge-watch more special, you can count this web series on your list.

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